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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – We have new information on the man accused of posing as a ‘good Samaritan' in a church van, only to kidnap and rape a 15-year old boy, on his way to school. Authorities identify the suspect as 34-year old Robert Washington, Junior of Shreveport.
And now, investigators say they found a Shreveport Police report from a remarkably similar case involving Robert Washington back in the Fall of 2008. We'll explain more about that case in a moment. Also new: Child and Family Services removed Washington's two daughters from his home earlier in the week before his arrest this Friday (3/5).
According to investigators, the rape happened inside the New Beginnings Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church, in the 100-block of Flournoy-Lucas Road, just south of Shreveport in Caddo Parish. And that's why, we're told, that Shreveport Police handed the case over to Caddo detectives.
It all began on a rainy Monday (3/1) morning, when detectives say Robert Washington pulled over to the side of 70th Street and asked the teenager if he wanted a ride to Linwood Charter School, several blocks east. He accepted, only to have a gun pulled on him and driven instead to Washington's church, according to authorities.
Detectives said that perhaps the most incriminating bit of evidence against Washington took place after the rape, when both got back inside the church van. Det. Jackie Winston continued, "On his way, dropping him off at school, he wrote an offer on the end of an envelope and wrote the letter "J" on it and a phone number. And he said, ‘call me sometime.'" Instead, it was Caddo detectives who dialed that cell phone number, which belongs to Washington.
Even before his arrest, the state took custody of Washington's daughters. Det. Winston said it came after a separate tip to authorities that, "…he had two girls that could have been involved in something. He had his girls involved in some inappropriate activities at the house," recounted Winston. They're still investigating that part of the case.
It turns out, Washington lives just blocks from where the Linwood student got that ill-fated ride to school. Washington's mother, who also lives at the home, declined to speak with us.
As for that remarkably similar incident in 2008: Authorities say Washington again used the same van to drive a 15-year old boy to the church, this time under the guise of moving furniture. "They go in the church and the young man says, 'Oh, I dropped my earrings somewhere outside, I think. He goes outside to look for the earring. He comes back. He gets inside and the suspect is standing up with no clothes on," said Winston.
Unlike the alleged attack this week, this 15-year old boy had a moment longer to think. "He got up enough nerves and balled-up his fist and hit him in the face and run out of the church and started calling his mom," concluded Winston.
But, the detective added that it's still unclear exactly why charges weren't filed in the 2008 episode. And they're now investigating 'another' possible case from 5-years ago involving Washington. As for his daughters, they're now staying full-time with their mother.
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